А есть ли успешный аудиокурс английского?

Или все развод типа неповторимой Илоны Давыдовой?

3 thoughts on “А есть ли успешный аудиокурс английского?”

  1. I’ve read your journal(sorry for English) and it amazed me how strong and brave you are (no kidding) – new country, little baby and isolation. You will be fine. So, you don’t need audio course as “Илоны Давыдовой”. Having PR status you are eligible for some language courses (they can be free – ask Centerlink) or TAFE or uni, they have childcare – when you are studying English – baby will be there(in some states it’s free when you studying – ask). Also you can use some volunteer service(even churches) – they help people with speaking for free (Google it). Also find you local library – you’ll like it – and ask them too about English. So, you’ve done hardest part – your baby’s first year. Then world will be opened for you, good luck! You will have successful story!

    1. Hi! Thank you for comments, it’s so nice to read it! 🙂
      You are absolutely right, most important problem is isolation last time. Specially it’s about first few months after delivery!
      Had checked all AMES programs (was in office) most of those are for people who have a less than functional level of English. Another great opportunity is skilmax and etc. So I have to improve my language level and pass ielts again and then start this program. But… there is always some “but”… Heh! it means Vica has to go to child care center at least 3 days a week I fill guilty because of that. It was naive to think it’s easy, thought so 10 mos ago! So I’m at home it means doing nothing, because of stupid emotional fillings and having deficit info as well…
      So, thank you for info i appreciate it 🙂
      ps. hardest year is not completed yet, more 3 mos! 🙂

  2. Isolation is common problem for young mums specially if they just arrive in country(my friend from California described it more then 10 years ago as – thinking about every plane she saw: it’s going to go to Russia 😦 She is very successful business woman now with two kids (she is a legend) 🙂 Some places have evening English classes, but I don’t know about Sydney. And of cause first year is something special, you just need to survive 🙂 Think about breast feeding – I felt hungry and tired, and emotionally unstable all the time 😦 But when I stopped it in around 1 year, I’ve just stopped it – no problem. But for girls who continued to 2 years or more – it’s a problem to stop
    😦 They cannot leave the kid to mum for 2-3 days (immigration) and stop it, kids don’t allowed them to stop.And it’s a emotional drama for the kid. One my friend didn’t have problem with breast feeding, thinking all girls who have difficulties just lazy and irresponsible mums. So, now she has two kids age 4 and 2 and she is still breastfeeding them! Cannot stop 😦 It’s just not right (

    You are young and well educated, you will pick up language very quick, and I think you will find a good job, so just think – it’s not for whole life, it’s temporary, you’ll survive. Good luck! 🙂

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