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Research activity

A self-motivated researcher since April 2009

 logo_eng.png @MIPT

I worked at MIPT, radio engineering and information security department  as a researcher and a teacher since 2005, I have conducted my activities at MIPT department of Radio Engineering till 2009 .

My thesis has been presented and successfully defended in person defence at Dissertation Defence Committee (Д212.156.04) in March 2009. The full version of the thesis can be found in Russian State Library or via multiple online sources, eg.

Work Experience

 @Prospa as Security Operations Engineer since June, 2018
 @TYRO Payments as Application Security Engineer since April, 2015

@NextGen Gaming as QA Test Analyst since March, 2011
 @ORACLE EMEA as Database Security Consultant since March, 2007. Some of my talks on Oracle events:
# Presentation for DB Options Event, June 2008, Moscow, Russia
# Presentation for conference “Information security. Regional aspects”, September 2008, Sochi, Russia
# Presentation for Oracle Tech Day in Chisinau, Moldova, 16 October 2008

 @Multiple IT small businesses in Moscow, Russia as Analyst and QA Lead, as contract and permanent positions 2002 – 2007
@MIPT – since 2005 as a teacher, researcher and scientist. As a teacher I was involved in creating, maintaining and delivering information security course (8th term, department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics) and information theory course (3rd term).
My presentations for Information Security Course (.ppt)


Doctor of Philosophy in Cryptography, 2009
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University) (MIPT), Department of Radio Engineering and Communications. Radio Engineering, Information Security and Cryptography division. Assessed as Australian Qualifications Framework by AEI-NOOSR
Theoretical computer science and Applied Mathematics, Cryptography.
Thesis title: “Design and cryptanalysis of information security systems based on linear codes in various metric spaces

Master of Science in Applied Physics and Mathematics, 2005
(MIPT), Department of General and Applied Physics (DGAP). System Integration and Management chair (SIM). Assessed as Australian Qualifications Framework by AEI-NOOSR
Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Bachelor in Applied Physics and Mathematics, 2003
Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Membership and certification

Areas of interest

infosec, appsec, devsecops, devops, SSDLC, classic cryptography, cybernetics, db,  linear codes, quantum computers, post quantum cryptography, AI, Space exploration, stargazing and genetics.

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Communication channels

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