Fish love

I am so happy to receive a life lesson to be able to process it and improve myself!

This video is not about religion but about emotional intelligence and emphaty. So blessed to have my dearest friends around who are helping me to overcome challenges and be open for future relationships.


It was some time ago some of the big vendors started to post employees photos of #workfromhome and #homeoffice in social media.
It makes a big difference for people in cultural and well-being aspects. we are lucky being a part of Prospa Engineering department and have the opportunity to be able to work from home. Do let me share my experience.
my #homeoffice for this morning:

… and they will give away jewels with their own hands

Friday night, you probably tired after work week and heading to home trying to relax in a bus or train, listening music.

What are you thinking about? Peri peri barbecue chicken pizza or Margarita?

Young gentleman in overcrowded train carriage is calling to “Parkside pizza”. He’s speaking really loud as one of his headphones is remaining in an ear.

“Hi, John is here, can I have Peri Peri barbeque chicken, the large one, please, and diet Coke, one can, I’m not expecting anyone today. Yeah, 3 Central street, Caringbah, my number is 0413879302. John, John Smith. I can pay right now, my card number 1234… and expire date is …”

All passengers, who are sitting near by know about John life style, his name and address, and credit card number.

Can you imagine a young lady Mary in Parkside pizza who’s taking his order? What do you think she does? Most likely she would wright down all John’s details on a small paper. On the same page you would probably find all customers details she took order from today. She might put the paper in a bin tomorrow or would continue to collect other people personal details a day after. Each time you’re visiting “Parkside pizza” you most likely would be able to find the list near a pos machine.

Today we are considering cyber security as very important aspect of our lifes and forgetting about real-life privacy aspects.

Being security awake and mindful with your own personal data is important today more than ever and it becomes Your own responsibility in a first place.

Munich Workshop on Coding and Cryptography 2018

That was a great experience indeed!

In company with my MIPT colleague Oksana Trushina we have attended Workshop on Coding and Cryptography in Technical University of Munich (TUM) on April 10-11, 2018.

We have a pleasure to listen lots of interesting talks,  met lots of and participated in the poster session.

A special thank you to Prof. Dr. Antonia Wachter-Zeh  for making this happen!


Spring vulnerabilities


As it has been reported by pivotal yesterday (March 6th, 2018) initially reported (Sept last year) vulnerability has been corrected in latest versions of Spring Data REST and Spring Boot.

The dynamic of the growth of how many discovered vulnerabilities have been fixed recently does not inspire an optimism. Taking into account number of arbitrary code execution vulnerability calling Spring as sustainable platform might be raise some reasonable questions…