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Marina is a member of the Sutherland Astronomical Society (SASI) since 2018.

SASI has participated in the World Record Stargazing Attempt Event. That was cool!

And … <drumming> we did it!


I’m a member of SASI (Sutherland Astronomical Society) since 2017.

Some of the useful links.

My talk on 1 February 2018 was about The Bolshoi Simulation.

The Bolshoi simulation is a simulation of the evolution of the large-scale structure of the universe that has been performed in 2010 on the Pleiades supercomputer and has been acknowledged as the most accurate cosmological simulation. It is based on Lambda-CDM model of the universe, this model is a standard (as per today) parametrisation of the Big Bang model. The simulation’s approximation to reality obtained for a volume of space which is about 1 billion light years across.


The Bolshoi

Comprising galaxies in real and simulated versions

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